12 Steps to Lowering Your EMF Exposure

Hi, my name is Dr. D. The first step to lower your exposure is to admit that you have a problem.  Second step would be to surrender to a higher power.  Ops! Wrong 12 step program…. Where was I?  Oh yes, a 12 stepper for lowering EMF exposure.  Here we go…(drum roll please):

1.     Identify the most significant sources. Your mobile phone is a major source of exposure, as are cordless phones (which are even worse!), Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth-equipped gizmos, wireless gadgets such as mice and keyboards, smart thermostats, baby monitors, microwaves and smart meters.

2.      Swapping a wireless gadgets for a hardwired one

3.     Carrying your mobile phone in a bag instead of on your body, and keeping it in airplane mode and/or in a Faraday (shielded) bag or case when not on a call

4.     Turning off your Wi-Fi at night. Even better, don’t use Wi-Fi and switch to wired Ethernet

5.     Using your mobile phone with a headset or on speaker phone and keeping the phone as far away from your body as possible using a selfie stick. Ideally, use landlines whenever possible

6.     Never use your laptop on your lap. Use a table rather than your lap

7.     Hardwiring as many devices as possible to avoid Wi-Fi fields. This includes mice, keyboards and printers. Avoid Ethernet over power (EOP), however, as this strategy increases the variability in your power lines, causing dirty electricity. You can partially remediate this with capacitors or filters, but it’s not an ideal solution. EOP is better than Wi-Fi, but not as good as running an Ethernet cable

8.     If you have a smart meter, what the hell were you thinking? Take steps to have it removed and replaced with an old analogue meter. If your area is planning on installing them, be proactive in preventing its installation

9.     Turn off all electricity in bedroom when sleeping

10. Keep phones, computers, electric alarm clocks, TV’s outside of bedroom when sleeping

11. Install a Faraday cage (copper- and/or silver-threaded fabric) around your bed. If you live in a high-rise and have neighbours beneath you, place the Faraday fabric on the floor beneath your bed as well. This may significantly improve your sleep quality, as EMFs are known to disrupt sleep

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