Can’t Wait for Driverless Cars

5G, smart meters and the ‘smart grid’ are all on their way to your neighbourhood. Possibly every person really needs all their devices connected, monitored, regulated, automated? Why are we having this change to 5G? The existing system (4G) doesn’t have adequate band-with to accommodate things to come.  As ‘modern’ surface dwelling earth inhabitants, we just can’t get along with our gadgets functioning as they are today? We need more control, more regulation, more monitoring and more automation, don’t we? Think how wonderful life will be when every car on every road in the world is driverless and connected to the ‘smart grid’, taking people to their destinations at automated speeds, along roads that are, at that moment, believed to ‘pay to optimal inclusive traffic patterns,’ making you a passively submissive rider.  Ultimately (to save the planet of course) there will be scarcer cars and more public transport. Cars will become inefficient. To save the planet, they must be phased out, right?

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