Cooking in Your Car?

Modern cars have become electrified. Gadgets like wireless hotspot, GPS guidance and tracking, Bluetooth, tire pressure monitors, heated seats, power seat adjustments, radar sensors for reversing/ crash prevention, children’s headrest TVs, remote controls, powered fixtures, radio and music systems, etc.

Every one of these applications are emitters of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), in some shape or form, that possibly create fun stuff to your body.

Even the ol’ 70’s VW beetle will have EMF exposures from things like the battery, fuse box, electronic dashboard, the spinning tyres etc. However, the newer gadgets only compound the EMF exposures like on steroids.

The health effects are more linked to proximity and other factors; age, state of health, etc. If for example if you are lucky enough to sit next to the battery or the Bluetooth transmitter then more fun will happen to your body.

The principal type of EMF found in electric cars or hybrids are what is generally called ‘dirty’ electricity. These EMFs are produced by the continuously varying voltages in the cars wiring formed by numerous mechanisms of the motor and its electronics as you drive and brake.

 So, what can a surface dwelling earth inhabitant do if he or she (or whatever pronoun you prefer) needs a power engine wagon to go from A to B?

1. Go retro man! The older cars are generally better, with much lower radiation levels.

2. Cool out on your music system or better yet remove the dam thing! It’s mostly garbage on the air waves anyway. The larger the speakers the more EMFs. Simple. If you have to impress the babes or dudes with your tunes, then put the speakers way in the back of your car to minimalize exposure.

3. Refrain from using GPS, mobile phones or other wireless gadgetry. Makes you wonder how we survived before all of this ‘smart’ rectangle stuff? Your driving, idiot, so pay attention.

4. Lose the remote-control systems (door lock systems, fuel cap opener) – don’t be a lazy ass. If you must, hold them well away from your body.

5. I know these may be impossible to switch off on many cars (if possible you may get an mechanic to fit an on/off power switch) on your LCD display screens. Look at the impact of ‘blue light’ studies that are all over the papers these days…

6. If buying a new car, avoid cars with built in WiFi or Bluetooth gadgets. Often they still emit radio frequency radiation even if you disable them. Also, check it over first with a DC Gauss meter or Trifield meter. This will allow you to compare different vehicles and come to a decision about the vehicle with the lowest exposures.

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