Distance is Your Friend?

In this modern age, electronic devices like laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other electronic gizmos that emit Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) everywhere. To avoid EMF would be impossible. However, it is possible to mitigate your risks and decrease your exposure levels.

Quick Re-cap of Physics

Because of the nature of energy, radiation is exponentially stronger the closer you are to it. Its strength actually decreases radially as you move away from it. In physics, it follows the inverse-square law. The intensity is proportional to 1/distance squared.

Inverse Square Law

This means, if you are 2 inches away from the source, you experience 1/4 the amount of radiation exposure as you would if you were just 1 inch away from it. If you are 4 inches away from it, you now experience 1/16 the amount of radiation you would have if you were just 1 inch away. This is why a lot of mobile phone manufacturers recommend you keep your cell phone at least several inches away from your body at all times.

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