Most Bottled Water Contaminated With Microplastic

Plastic has become an incredibly harmful to our environmental and health. In our landfills, where it will remain indefinitely since most plastic does not biodegrade, and microplastics (microscopic pieces of degraded plastic) which now clog waterways across the planet as well as contaminate drinking water. Additionally, the chemicals used in the production of plastic (many of which have hormone-mimicking activity) thereby threatening to health (especially reproductive health).

  • Researchers tested 259 bottles of 11 popular bottled water brands for the presence of microscopic plastic.
  • On average, the bottled water tested contained 325 pieces of microplastic per litre
  • Tests reveal bottled water contains nearly twice as many microplastic particles per litre as tap water. The contamination is thought to originate from the manufacturing process of the bottles and caps 
  • A report by the U.K. Government Office for Science warns plastic debris littering the world’s oceans — 70 percent of which does not biodegrade — is likely to triple by 2025 unless radical steps are taken to curb pollution
  • Only 17 of 259 bottles were found to be free of microplastic particles, and none of the brands tested consistently free of plastic contaminants. The worst offender was Nestlé Pure Life, the most contaminated sample of which contained 10,390 particles per litre.
  • When humans die, perhaps we can recycle our bodies to like, Tupperware?  

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