There are two ways you can protect yourself or at least help your body to fix the damage. These are things you can do to make your cells and immune system strong and things you can do to have less radiation in your life.

 Make Your Immune System Stronger:

1. Try to eat healthfully to make your body strong enough to fight the effects of radiation.  This means eat fresh organic fruit and vegetables every day. Makes you wonder what kind of planet that we live on when humans have a choice between GMO/ chemically sprayed and not?

2. If you eat meat, try to only consume organically grown (that has not been fed drugs like hormones or antibiotics) and free range (animals that are outside in fresh air and pasture). Farmed fish are a no-no!.

3. Drink plenty of good quality filtered water (reverse osmosis). Use glass and ceramic clay mugs, glasses, water bottles, etc. You need a lot of good clean water to detox your body.

4. Start an active conscious lifestyle or routine exercise program. In other words, put the phone down and take the dog for a walk in nature! Most important thing here is to maintain good posture.

5. Don't use synthetic chemicals, solvents, cleaners or make-up. These products are loaded with harmful chemicals that are damaging to the body. Also, try not to use pesticides and insecticide chemicals in your house or garden. Store all of these chemicals outside of the house.

10. Exercise as much as you can as this will strengthen your body and flush toxins better than anything.

By eating healthy, exercising, and removing the toxins you can strengthen your immune system. This will minimize the damaging effects of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and cell phone radiation exposure.